SEO Process

Our professional SEO strategist believe User-Focused SEO is about creating targeted and valuable experiences to earn traffic for high-value keywords. It focuses on increasing conversions and user satisfaction by creating an environment that allows the user to connect directly with the content that best matches their intent when searching from a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Defining GoalsDefining Goals

This stage will define and align campaign goals across marketing channels and digital teams, and provide a baseline report from which we will judge success and gain basic insights.
  • Baseline Report
  • KPIs
  • Success Metrics
  • Primary Goals
  • Secondary Goals

Digital Value AuditDigital Value Audit

Website audits uncover structural, content, social media, or inbound link issues -“ as well as provide insights into your competitor’s SEO and digital strategies for both local and enterprise SEO.
  • Technical Audit
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Audit
  • Link Analysis
  • Social Integration Audit
  • Local SEO Business Listing Analysis
  • Mobile Site Audit

Experience CreationExperience Creation

Content strategy and content creation is built upon the strategic insights that are gained in the foundational portion of the SEO campaign. This includes defining your target persona.
  • Content Utilization By Channel
  • Social Integration Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Content and Digital Asset Creation
  • Enterprise SEO Content Strategy
  • Local SEO Content Strategy

IconValue earning

Digital PR, commonly known as link building (earning), is about identifying high value partners, building a relationship with them, and helping them help their community, by providing high-value content.
  • Define Outreach Prospects
  • Crafting Outreach Communication
  • Building Relationships
  • High-value Guest Blogging
  • Social Amplification and Utilization
  • Success Metrics
  • Primary Goals
  • Secondary Goals

PPC Process

Our Paid Search consultant’s objective is to align your business’ needs with our expertise to drive relevant search queries to high-value, converting landing pages. We demonstrate our value by delivering measurable ROI for both e-commerce and lead generation websites. We provide customized paid media solutions that focus on driving sales and leads for your company.

Measurement SETUPMeasurement SETUP


We will create a reporting dashboard to track the progress of your Paid Search Campaign. It will provide insights into performance, and help us optimize your bids, positions, and ad copy to constantly evolve the campaign.

  • Bidding Analytics
  • Keyword Driven Performance
  • Optimized Bids for Cost Control

Paid Search AnalysisPaid Search Analysis

Analyzing your current Paid Search Campaign across data points such as your campaign settings, account structure, keywords, copy, and landing page value, will help us understand growthopportunities, and give us insights into how we can better optimize your strategy to increase ROI.
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Quick Response
  • Constant Keyword Analysis of Competitors
  • Changes to Landing Page Copy for Better Optimization
  • Regular Consultation with Suggestions

Define PPC StrategyDefine PPC Strategy

PPC campaigns require extensive planning and a solid strategy to be successful. These strategies include: keyword strategies and research, positional strategies, ad copy creation (Rich Media Ad Creation, Text Ads), landing page recommendations, bids and bid management strategies, and negative keyword strategies.
  • Do Annual Comparisons of Keywords
  • Predict Advanced Analytics
  • Improve Forecasts
  • Plan and Forecast
  • Use Forecasts to Impact Budget Shifts and Bids

Execute and OptimizeExecute and Optimize

Digital PR, commonly known as link building (earning), is about identifying high value partners, building a relationship with them, and helping them help their community, by providing high-value content.
  • Determine Most Efficient Ways to Execute a Query
  • Constantly Analyze Database for Queries
  • Examine Possible Access Paths
  • Create Logical Optimizations
  • Create Physical Optimizations