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A personalized Marketing experience that goes far beyond industry standards 


icon-41.pngPersonalized Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy only works when the marketing agency intimately knows a companies business plan, ideal customer (known as a buyer persona), how it uniquely serves its customers and its intended growth goals for the future. When the agency knows this, it can adapt its Inbound Marketing Strategy to drive the right customers at the right time, so the company can delight its customers so they remain with them for years to come. 

star.pngHands-ON Marketing

We have seen a disturbing trend in many SEO and PPC campaigns that other Marketing Companies provide. We call it the "curse of Marketing Automation", many of these Marketing Companies set their clients up on a set spend amount per day for their PPC account or will only target a certain location area because that is what they have set their automation software to do. Unfortunately, this approach doesn't take into consideration many daily conditions that should change the way a company targets its ideal customer.

How Does This Look In Our Inbound Marketing Agency

One of our clients is a Chiropractic Clinic in Georgia that specializes in Car Accident Injuries. We know through the Georgia Department of Transportation that more Automobile Accidents occur during heavy storms. Knowing this, we regularly find out weather conditions for a particular day and if storms are in the forecast, we will increase the client's PPC ad campaign accordingly to help drive (pun intended) their ideal customer to their website.

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Business Growth Solutions

7.pngUpgraded Operations

We provide custom Phone Call Management and Hiring Systems to help improve your day to day business operations. We will help your customer service specialists deliver a higher quality message to each potential customer by recording their phone calls, playing them back and review how we can alter the message to better handle an objection or service question.

If you are struggling to find the right employee we can help with that as well, let us create a quality targeted job post for any of your favorite employment websites and once we find a suitable candidate we will deliver a job specific testing assessment to determine if the candidate is competent enough to handle the job duties and how likely they are to have success in your company.

icon-4.pngPersonal Accessibility

When you begin a relationship with us as one of our clients we want you to be able communicate your concerns directly with the people who are able to make the changes. We want you to know how valuable your are to us. Your dedicated Inbound Marketing Representative is always there if you need questions answered or advice on how to pursue a new opportunity.

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