Benefits of a Full-Service Agency

What is a Full-Service Agency?

Using a Full-Service Agency for your Marketing and Advertising needs means that your entire strategy is working in-sync to accomplish your branding and sales goals. Full-Service Agencies are so successful because they can combine all of the different strategies and platforms available to make sure you get the most cost-effective strategy that provides tangible results.

At Donovan Digital Solutions, when we say Full Service, we mean it. Our agency consists of a team of professionals with decades of experience providing traditional advertising and marketing services, as well as incorporating all of the newest technologies and strategies. Whether you require a Television campaign, Pay-Per-Click campaign, Website Redesign, or any other service, we can provide a solution.

Full Service Marketing Agency
Individualized Digital Marketing Approach

Personalized Strategy

Each Client has a Customized Strategy for their Individual Needs

Marketing Strategies only work when the marketing agency intimately knows a company's business plan, ideal customer (known as a buyer persona), how it uniquely serves its customers, and its intended growth goals for the future.

When an agency knows this, it can adapt its Inbound Marketing Strategy to drive the right customers at the right time. This way, the company can delight its customers so they remain with them for years to come. 

Hands-On Marketing Approach

How Does This Look In Our Inbound Marketing Agency?

We have seen a disturbing trend in many SEO and PPC campaigns that other Marketing Companies provide. We call it "the curse of Marketing Automation." Many of these Marketing Companies set their clients up on a set spend amount per day for their PPC account, or they will only target a certain location area because that is what they have set their automation software to do. Unfortunately, this approach doesn't take in to consideration many daily conditions that should change the way a company targets its ideal customer.

Hands on marketing approach
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