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Arrowhead Clinic is a family owned company that has been helping the injured in Atlanta, Georgia for over 40 years. Arrowhead Clinic and Donovan Digital Solutions have been partners since 2014.

Some of the Strategies Used to Grow Arrowhead Clinic

  • AdWords
  • Re-marketing
  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Traditional Media
  • Content Creation

Arrowhead Clinics

Arrowhead Clinic is a chain of Chiropractic Clinics throughout the South-Eastern United States that specializes in treating the victims of Personal Injury Accidents.

Although they have been successfully treating the injured for more than 40 years, the owners at Arrowhead Clinic knew that if they wanted to remain relevant and continue their growth, they needed to take their marketing and advertising efforts to a new level.

When the partnership between Donovan Digital Solutions and Arrowhead Clinic began in 2014, the goal was simple; dominate the online marketplace and drive more leads to Arrowhead Clinic rather than the "other guys."

In order to achieve their growth goals, our team at Donovan Digital Solutions developed a long term plan that focused on growing their online presence with the use of multiple, advanced Digital Marketing Tactics, and the results speak for themselves.

Website Traffic Analysis
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Year over year, Arrowhead Clinic has experienced massive website traffic growth which in turn has led to more new patients every month.

Currently, they are receiving over 40,000 visitors to their website a month, most of which come via organic search.

Keyword Analytics
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One reason for the huge increase in website traffic for Arrowhead Clinic has been our ability to get them ranking at the top of search engines for high-volume, high-converting keywords.

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media first opened their doors in 1985, and have been a partner with Donovan Digital Solutions since 2015.

Some of the Strategies Used to Grow AIMM

  • Workflow Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Online School Implementation
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Capture Strategizing 
  • Re-marketing
  • AdWords

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is in an interesting market that involves both a physical and online campus for students who aspire to become professionals in a variety of careers in the music industry. 

With their base of operations and campus located in the heart of Atlanta, they are in a great position to be able to provide students with an environment that inspires creativity and has plenty of career opportunities after graduation.

Unlike some of the other clients that Donovan Digital Solutions has partnered with over the years, Atlanta Institute of Music and Media required a completely unique digital marketing strategy in order to reach prospective students.

Over the years, working together has led to the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media becoming a household name when it comes to Audio Post Production Schools, and they have achieved a significant increase in new students each year.

Website Traffic Analysis
AIMM Website Traffic
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Website traffic for has increased to more than 3x the original amount since partnering with Donovan Digital Solutions, leading to a huge increase in new students and the ability to start their own Online Music Program as well.


Keyword Analytics
AIMM's Keyword Rankings
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  • After performing extensive keyword research, our team was able to determine the most valuable keywords and information that our target demographic was searching for, and tailor a strategy that allowed AIMM to become a trusted, respected resource.
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The Brown Firm is a Personal Injury Law Firm with locations in Atlanta, Athens and Savannah, Georgia. The Brown Firm has been partners with Donovan Digital Solutions since 2015.

Some of the Strategies Used to Grow The Brown Firm

  • New Website Design
  • Directory Listing
  • Link Building
  • Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Remarketing

The Brown Firm

The Brown Firm has been providing legal assistance to the victims of Personal Injury Accidents throughout Georgia for over 15 years. The leader and founder of The Brown Firm, Harry Brown Jr., also has his Doctor of Chiropractic, which makes him able to really know the depth of each clients physical injuries and how much compensation they deserve.

However, even with years of experience and excellent service, the Atlanta market is incredibly competitive, and Managing Attorney Harry Brown Jr. knew that his firm needed a digital presence in order to remain ahead of the game.

Partnering with Donovan Digital Solutions in 2015, our team was able to develop a comprehensive Marketing and Advertising strategy that has included both digital and traditional media.

In a strategy that included a website redesign and the development of multiple digital pathways to increase their organic traffic, the results that The Brown Firm has received have been fantastic.

Website Traffic Analysis
Harry Brown Website Traffic
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  • Since partnering with Donovan Digital Solutions, has increased their monthly website traffic by over 6x, with the majority of traffic coming from organic searches.


Keyword Analytics
Personal Injury Lawyer Website Keyword Rankings
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  • Through the use of our knowledge of search engines and industry related Keyword Research, we have been able to get to rank in the top 3 spots in Search Engine Results for over 100 high-value keywords. 
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