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Donovan Digital Solutions believes in the American dream, because in many ways we have lived it. DDS began in 2014 and started out in the guest room of Founder and Thought Leader, Mason Donovan.

Mason knew to be the best in the business, he had to hire the best in the business. This lead to the onboarding of the inaugural member of the team, Kyle Konet.

Together, at a local coffee shop in Uniontown, Ohio, they laid the foundation for the most innovative, dynamic, and successful inbound marketing firm from Cleveland to Miami. 

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Almost a decade later, the hard work, dedication, and dreaming of these two innovators has paid off.


With an all star team of elite marketing professionals Donovan Digital Solutions has all but cornered the market on quality inbound marketing services.


Holding to a tradition and a devotion to excellence, this company will never be satisfied with anything short of the best, because that’s all we produce; the best. 

Donovan Digital Solutions is on the cutting edge of inbound marketing trends.

One of Donovan Digital Solutions core beliefs is that you can’t shine 💩. Similarly, to “you are what you eat”, your company is who you put into it. As a result, through years of refinement and careful consideration, DDS has acquired what we consider to be the best in the business. Like a blockbuster, albeit over hyped, super hero franchise, each one of our team members brings something unique, effective, and profitable to our organization, and ultimately yours. 

Donovan Digital Solutions has the best inbound marketing team in Ohio.

From the writer responsible for this content, to our office manager, our team is filled with marketers each with their own particular set of skills, skills that make us a nightmare for your competitors. 

However, every business like ours claims to have a very effective and specialized team. They may have even TAKEN an iconic action movie quote like we did above to drive the matter home. What makes Donovan Digital Solutions different, is that while everyone in the company is specialized, each one of us is capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of everyone else. 

Donovan Digital Solutions only hires the best and believes you should as well.

This originates from our original business model (you know, the one from the coffee shop). When Donovan Digital Solutions first came on the scene, there were only two employees running the entire corporation. Do you understand this? All the Google properties, creative content, local page creation, analytics, social media, SEO, press releases, ads, EVERYTHING had to be handled by only two people. This strategy proved effective then, and it continues to prove effective today.


Every member of Donovan Digital Solutions is capable of running an entire marketing account, while at the same time maintaining an individualized skill and talent that can be called upon at any time by any member of the team. 

Donovan Digital Solutions knows how to grow a business, because we've done it ourselves.

However, lets be honest here, every organization claims to have the best in the business. It’s one of those very vague qualifications that anyone can make without having to back it up, and believe us they do. Short of actually contacting us, which you can definitely do... by clicking the CTA below… right now… for free… just do it already… there is actually very little we can do besides letting our numbers speak for us. 


For a birds eye view of the VERIFIED best marketing team available, check out our employee profiles below. 


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Donovan Digital Solutions helping your company take full advantage of its digital potential.


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