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If you are looking for a marketing company to make a few Facebook posts or execute an “email-blast", look someplace else.


However, if you are looking for a marketing company that will actually grow your enterprise level company from great to excellent, then we can help you out. Donovan Digital Solutions is on the forefront of the digital revolution.

To put it bluntly we are the best in the business. We don’t settle for anything less than the absolute best, and as a result we wont let you either. A significant amount of our time is spent researching and developing cutting edge technologies, creating bold and effective new strategies, and working tirelessly to provide our clients everything they need to not only succeed in their field, but to dominate it. 

So here’s the thing, all those buzzwords sound great, but ultimately anyone can use them. You might as well have hired that nephew to write them, you know the one whose mother you owe a favor too? 

Frankly, if we expected you to believe we’re the best simply because we said so, we wouldn’t want to do business with you anyway. For the discriminating, keep reading to see how we can back up these claims.


Before we continue, let's take a moment to make a few things abundantly clear. Donovan Digital Solutions is a dynamic company that strives towards improvement and growth. If you are looking for a marketing firm that will simply “get the minimum done” or who will “set it and forget it”, once again give your nephew a chance, he needs this experience for college.

We ourselves are always adapting and recreating to be the best and most effective team possible, as a result we provide the same courtesy to our clients. If you bring us on, abandon all hope for improvement. Hope is for things you DON’T have. We can guarantee it. 

Innovation is key for a thriving and successful company, that's why it is one of the top priorities for Donovan Digital Solutions.

        Another thing that Donovan Digital Solutions is not, is pretentious. We aren’t here to stroke our own egos, thats what our Corvettes are for. At the end of the day, we are here to present a service. Other marketers may try to bowl you over with an over reliance on superfluous facts, figures, and technical speech in a hollow attempt to make themselves sound important. Facts and figures are important, but only relevant ones are. We firmly believe all that empty talk can be summed up in one word: bologna.  We don’t have to talk up our services, we’ll let your companies increased profit margins do that for us. 

As we said earlier, we’re not social media experts or influencers.  Our team is skilled and only undergoes tasks that requires our specific set of skills. Social Media posting is important, but not nearly as much as people seem to believe it is (similar to dairy in the late 90’s) If you’re going to retain our services as expert inbound marketers, trust us to use that expertise as effectively as possible. 

Finally, and arguably most importantly, Donovan Digital Solutions is a company that believes in the importance of transparency. Nothing, literally nothing, should be taken on blind faith, especially not something as important as the future of your company.

We will happily keep you informed every step of the way. Admittedly, there are a few proprietary functions that we keep pretty close to the vest, but who really wants to know how the hot dogs are made as long as they taste great. 


Hopefully, the previous statements have made it clear what Donovan Digital Solutions values. However you don’t care about our values, you value what we can offer you. Let's get started.  

There is no one stop shop for all of your digital marketing needs, that's why Donovan Digital Solutions does not offer Ala Carte services.

A good way to think of marketing is to compare it to a car. When all the pistons, plugs, and other mechanics are working properly, the car will deliver and get you to where you want to go.

However, if you removed the catalytic converter or the spark plugs, the car may not run smoothly or worse, it may not run at all. It takes multiple systems to make your car run, and your inbound marketing strategy is no different.

If you don’t utilize a Google Business Profile, in tandem with your YouTube channel, in alignment with local pages, in partnership with well targeted ads, then your online presence won’t run smoothly, if at all. As a result, Donovan Digital Solutions does not offer ala carte services.

It takes a village to raise a child, it takes an arsenal to win a war, and it takes a variety of tools to make sure your company succeeds. You would trust your mechanic to fix your car, all we ask is for the same courtesy. Trust us to do what we know is best for your companies marketing needs.

At Donovan Digital Solutions, we believe the only time a person or a business can not be improved upon is when they both share the same condition: death. No matter how big your company is, from a mom and pop shop to a household name around the world; there’s always room for more growth.

Once again, we recognize we are making a big claim, but we still don’t expect you to take it on blind faith. Click the button below to learn just how our team of the best in their fields, can make YOU the best in yours. 


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There are six promises that Donovan Digital Solutions can make for you and your company. And unlike some unscrupulous politicians (insert political party of your choice), we fully intend to keep these promises. We want the same things for your business, that we want for ours. We want to see: 

  • Increased web traffic
  • High Quality and High Converting Leads
  • Opportunity to Open Additional Locations
  • Increased Organic Web Ranking
  • Efficient Hiring Consultation 
  • Strategic Ad Campaigns
     Honesty, Integrity, and Outstanding Service are the three pillars Donovan Digital Solutions is built on. We will do everything in our power to provide the best possible results.

Sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. If this process was easy, we'd be out of a job. It’s methodical, nuanced, and complicated work; which is just how we like it. This is also not just wishful thinking, we have the technology to make these goals reality. How do we know these tools work? Simple. We’ve done it before. Many, many times. 


As mentioned before, this is the Donovan Digital Solutions base triangle. We firmly believe that the harmonious and effective working relationship between these three points are pivotal for a successful business growth. However, Google at its best is a glorified internet phone book. These three points may be our base, but we have so much more that we can offer you.

For example, Donovan Digital Solutions offers an exceptional video production service, which we could expand upon here, but we’d rather you just followed the link. Seriously, all the experts agree that effective, thorough and consistent video content creation is pivotal for any organizations success going forward, if you take nothing else from this page remember this: video is king.

Target Acquired

So this begs the big question: why should we work with Donovan Digital Solutions when we already have a marketing team. Yeah…your marketing team. Hows that working for you? Likely your marketing strategy consists of people creating/buying television or radio ads.

Donovan Digital Solutions recognizes there is a time and a place for everything. However, the current marketing needs of various enterprise level companies would be better met through a thorough and provenly effective inbound marketing campaign.

Maybe you have a graphic designer do some print ads here and there. Thankfully you’ve made the smartest decision already by having your nephew, who studies prison reformation in 19th century England, post daily on your social media #lolbrbyolo.

However, barring the posting, all the aforementioned are examples of traditional marketing, which does have its place, in your local natural history museum, next to the mummies. 

All joking aside, traditional marketing is certainly not dead, but it is not nearly as prominent or effective as it once was. It was really only effective then because there was no alternative. Today, it can be used to increase your brands prominence and awareness within an approximate target audience. It can also present solutions to those who have no clue they even need the service in the first place.

Think of traditional marketing like a shotgun. It sprays hard and far, but ultimately you’re wasting a lot of ballistic hitting targets you may have had no interest in hitting. Oh yeah, you’re also blindfolded. You only have a vague idea of the target you’re trying to hit. So yeah, traditional marketing is your nephew with a blindfold and a shotgun. 

Inbound Marketing on the other hand is far more precise. Only customers already looking for your service can utilize it. How do you know they’re looking for it? What do you think Google is for? We leverage these different utilities, services, and technologies to ensure our clients are among the highest, if not the highest, on the list of Google results.

For the record, thats why we don’t offer la carte services, it takes a plethora of processes to ensure these results. We’re a buffet, not a take out. Since your potential customer is already looking for the solution, we don’t have to use traditional marketing to inform them. If Traditional Market is a shotgun with a blindfold, Inbound Marketing is a rifle with a laser sight. 

Donovan Digital Solutions 3 Step Plan

Inbound Marketing is very individual customer based. It also adheres to a 3 step plan. 

The first step is the attraction phase. Credibility is key. Thankfully most people trust Google almost implicitly. If its a top result, it’s the most trusted and best (because after all if its on the second page of Google it doesn’t actually exist).Donovan Digital Solutions does not merely want to meet your marketing needs, but surpass them.

There is no single solution, it takes a variety of steps in order to get it to the top result. However, each of these steps are inherently valuable in of themselves, as well as their ability to effect ranking. It can only help, not hurt. 

The second step is engagement. If your service, or presentation, sucks no ones going to care that you’re at the top of your category, they might even check out the second page of Google, God forbid.

It is critical that you engage your customers, and we have the ability to create all the engaging pieces you need to retain them this far. Support, insight, and solutions, thats what good marketing is made of. 

Finally, delight, where the fun begins. Delight is our reason for getting up in the morning. This means that the clients we have attracted and engaged are so happy with the service you’ve provided they are willing to be engaged again and again.

In layman’s terms, repeating, consistent, business. You know what happy people don’t do? Keep that happiness to themselves. Word of mouth is incredibly important and relevant even today. (Free Tip: A Google Review is just a digital word of mouth recommendation to the client, studies show that consumers value a recommendation from a Google review as much as from a family member… it’s kinda pathetic, but true.)  

If you trust Donovan Digital Solutions to do its job you can expect us to follow this process to the letter. We will work tirelessly to ensure that we do attract the right people to your brand, we will then do whatever it takes to keep them engaged, and frankly we don’t have to do anything more to delight them; our work will have already done that. 

Fire Your Nephew


We’ve thrown a lot of information at you, and frankly, we acknowledge there has been very little if any actual facts and figures to back up our claims, but you can’t deny that we have a succinct and thorough business plan. Isn’t that enough? 

If you said yes, go check on your nephew. If you said no, good. Blind faith is dumb luck at best, and complete and utter ruin at worst.

We have an an entire page dedicated to in-bound marketing test cases that show our precise step by step basis for success with a select few of our existing clients.

We insist you check them out to see the black and white, nuts and bolts of our ability to grow your company from great to excellent. Still it never hurts to ask, well except for that one thing from your spouse, that usually hurts because you end up sleeping on the couch.

If you are interested in how Donovan Digital Solutions can grow your company, reach out. We’d love to talk to you, free of charge. If not, what's wrong with you? Reach out already. 


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