Should You Hire a Social Media Video Company for Your Business?

Jun 14, 2022

In this day and age, you can easily make your own videos.

In the end, if you want your video to shine, you really only have two options: assemble an in-house team or engage a reputable video production company to share your message and make it effective.

By using a video production company, you can just let them know what you want, how you want it to feel, and what you want it to do for the viewers-they do the rest.


You can use videos to promote your brand in an increasingly crowded digital environment where multiple brands are competing for your audience's attention.

While you can make a high-quality video on your own, working with a production company lets you focus your time on taking your brand forward rather than figuring out the best video editing software and sound engineering.

Hiring a video production agency can significantly help grow and develop your brand.

The best video production companies can create a video marketing strategy that includes creating engaging content for existing and prospective customers for every social platform.

If you're not sure about hiring a video production agency, keep reading to discover the many benefits.

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Using a Social Video Strategy - What Are the Benefits?


Videos can be extremely effective when it comes to social media marketing, as there are many opportunities to use them. Some of the benefits include the following:

Social shareability: Videos are extremely shareable, so once you've posted one to your page, your followers are sure to share it with their friends and family.

Attracting more attention: Using automatic video playback features on social media platforms can help drive attention to your content.

Increasing search visibility: By optimizing your video content with title tags, descriptions, and hashtags, you will increase its SEO performance.

Converting Drives: Your video should conclude with a call to action because anyone who watched it to the end is now engaging with your brand.

Taking advantage of trends: In an ever-changing social media landscape, you want to be sure to connect with the trends affecting your audience to see real results.

You could produce a 'behind-the-scenes' video showing some of the work your people do every day, for example, to make customers feel as if they know what makes your business tick.

To highlight your brand's ethos and values, you might upload corporate videos to show your corporate culture on a social media platform.

Process videos are also fantastic to help customers and clients better understand your business's workflow.

Most companies include several other services in their production process, such as:

  • Creating a marketing strategy
  • Implementing the strategy
  • Editing services
  • Social media market and trend research

What Can Businesses Do With Social Media Video Production?

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The use of social media videos in content marketing is one of the most effective strategies.

Your business can benefit in many ways from the right distribution and production. There are billions of people on social media every day - why not take advantage of that?

Hiring professional video production services can create content with production value for your target audience to view.

Why is Video Content So Important for Businesses on Social Media?

Video content has been proven to be more engaging than any other type of content.

You will get ten times more engagement on Twitter for videos than for text-only content, if you are trying to boost brand awareness on social media channels.

You can also use social media marketing videos to accomplish a variety of objectives.

You can use it to demonstrate your brand's culture and ethos, inform potential customers about your products, or have your brand play an active role in the conversation.

Is Online Video Marketing Effective?

Results-driven social media videos are easy to understand.

Hubspot reports that 53 percent of consumers are interested in seeing more video content from their favorite brands, whereas a branded video is nearly three times as popular as branded blogs and e-books.

Conducting a Video Strategy for Social Media

Social media marketing strategies should include video content. By using this method, you help your brand stand out from the crowd and draw the viewer's attention.

The question is, how do you make sure you use this strategy effectively?

In any successful marketing campaign, social media plays a key role.

In order to gain brand awareness and get new customers into your marketing funnel, having an active presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn is critical, no matter whether you're a B2B or B2C company.

On social media, everyone is competing for attention, so it's important to stand out. One way you can do this is by producing engaging video content.

With social media videos, you can significantly increase your chances of converting browsers into customers by differentiating yourself from your competition.

Key Factors to Consider When You Create Videos

A great way to strengthen your customer relationships is to share fun, lighthearted videos that don't necessarily have anything to do with selling your product.

There are various ways to go about this, such as animation, which you may not consider for your website, and a video tied to a particular event.

It's a great opportunity to showcase your 'fun-loving' side during special occasions, such as Christmas or the school holidays.

When it comes to social media videos, one of the biggest considerations is how well you are utilizing the medium.

For example, social channels such as Facebook and Instagram offer live video capabilities that are ripe with potential. You might want to consider how to make these features work for your business.

Last but not least, there are many metrics to measure the success of social media video campaigns.

Metrics such as shares and click-throughs to your website give you an idea of how successful your videos were and which elements to reuse.

Tips for Video Production on Social Media


The art of social media video can be more challenging than it sounds.

However, you're certainly at an advantage when you have the help of an established video production company.

You can rely on their team not only for expert advice, but also for management of the entire project, from concept, to filming, to editing, to publishing.

Here are some questions you might want to answer first before hiring social media video production services.

What Do You Hope to Achieve With Your Social Media Videos?

The first step must be selecting the type of content you'll produce, and determining how success will be measured.

What are you looking to accomplish, such as raising brand awareness, generating new leads, or introducing a new product? Video advertising encompasses a lot more than just the typical video advertisement.

It will be important to take into account the format as well as your target audience when creating social videos.

Twitter is perfect for short videos that grab attention quickly, but YouTube is better
suited for explainer videos that last a longer time.

What Is the Importance of Production Quality for Social Media Videos for Businesses?

In order to succeed in video marketing, you must produce professionally-produced social media content.

It may be tempting to film something to upload to YouTube on your phone, but your customers can spot a substandard effort, and this undermines the impression they have of your company.

It's also crucial that your video is tailored to the platform and audience for which it's intended.

There are different ideal dimensions for video content on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, so optimizing for each is a must.

Likewise, if your video is viewed on a desktop computer or a mobile device, it may look differently, so keep that in mind.

What Can You Do to Improve the Video Quality of Social Media Videos?

For your social media videos to look as good as possible, you'll need to use professional-level equipment, including cameras, lights, and editing software.

Working with experienced video production agencies helps ensure your content looks stunning, regardless of whether you're making a short intro or a ten-minute explainer video.

You can be sure that they can create targeted content to drive engagement, inform viewers, and reach existing, and new notable clients.

Generating Video Marketing Branded Content for Social Media

Having decided to create video content for your key social media channels, what's next?

What are your options? Finding the right partner can help you develop ideas and make them a reality.

What Are the Steps for Making a Social Media Video?

Learning how social media video content stands out from other forms of content is an essential part of the process.

In other words, it involves understanding how people will interact with the video content on each individual social media platform, the quirks of each platform, and their expectations.

Firstly, who do you hope to reach?

There is video content available on all of the major social media channels, but not all of their audiences may have the same expectations regarding length, tone, or content.

As an example, a Facebook video will look very different from one made for YouTube.

What Are the Best Ways to Create Video Content Marketing for Social Media?


If you want your video marketing on social media to be successful on the platform, then you
should follow these steps:

  • Determine your goals
  • Plan the types of content you will create
  • Choosing social platforms
  • Production and post-production must be planned and completed
  • Publish and promote the video
  • Keep track of key metrics

When Is the Right Time to Create Video Marketing Content for Social Media?

Social media videos can be produced at any time, but most firms will benefit from a well-planned strategy that fits into their wider marketing communications.

For example, launching a new product is an excellent opportunity to create promotional video content. It means that your firm will be in the spotlight, allowing you to utilize a variety of content.

Video marketing campaigns during the holidays can also be extremely effective at driving engagement. You can improve your visibility by sending your customers a special message at Christmas or Halloween.

FAQs About Social Media Video Production Services

How Does Video Production Work?

Creating a video is called video production. Irrespective of the type of film - full-length, commercial, short, or marketing video - the entire production process usually consists of three important steps:

1. Pre-Production is the planning phase of a video project. It involves the creation
of the concept, the scripting of the video, and selecting the cast and crew.

2. Production refers to the filming process.  This is when the video is actually recorded.

2. The post-production stage is when the project is edited.

Why Should I Hire a Video Production Company?

Even though it's easier than ever to create your own videos, hiring a video production company will help you produce something better than the video you can create with your smartphone.

Here's why you should consider working with one: resources, high-quality video content, expert videographers, and an outside perspective.

Additional Resources

If you create a lot of videos regularly, you will occasionally be unable to keep up. The overflow can be managed well by contacting a video production company.

Enhanced Video Quality

It's perfectly acceptable to create a video using only an iPhone and iMovie. However, to get better quality, you should hire a video production company.

With the experience and tools video production companies have, you can create high-quality videos for any marketing or internal needs - without any hassle from you.

Extensive Experience

The video production industry is well-versed in video. Video production companies provide experience, equipment, and connections that most businesses cannot afford on their own.

The experience you gain will allow you to draw on tons of knowledge to share the message you want to share.

Outsider's Perspective

You can gain a lot of insight from an outside perspective. A creator knows how easy it is to become so attached to their work that they can't see the flaws, and therefore fail to improve it.

Working with video production companies makes this easier.

What Is the Cost of Hiring a Social Media Video Production Company?

Depending on the situation. All video productions are unique.

According to the complexity and demands of your project, the cost of a 30-second commercial may range from $2,500 to $100,000 or more.

Do Social Media Video Production Companies Help Develop Content for Video Projects?

Definitely! Storyboarding, scriptwriting, content strategy, and other pre-production services are often offered by video production companies.

Would It Be Worth It to Invest in Social Media Video Marketing?

Yes, it is. The use of video can influence a viewer's mood, according to psychologists. Getting the right message across in your video can result in a success rate of 31%!

Using video content relevant to your customers' interests is a great way to engage them.

Does Video Drive Traffic to My Website?

It absolutely can. Video content is very popular with Google. You can improve your rankings on search engine results pages by embedding videos on your website.

Moreover, embedding videos can boost your SEO rankings.

Is Video Able to Increase Sales and Conversions?

Definitely. Videos can increase conversion rates by 80%.

A study shows that 74% of potential customers who viewed an explainer video about a product bought that product.

Can Video Generate a Good ROI?

83 percent of businesses say it does. While video production can be costly or take a lot of time, it pays off!

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Social Media Video Production Company?

For more tips on how to find the right video production company for your business, here are two:

1. Don't just concentrate on the demo reel. It's true that demo reels are meant to sell, but they don't really convey the exact nature of what the company's finished products will look like.

The company can provide examples of finished products, provide you with a list of references, or allow you to browse the portfolio on its website to view final videos in their entirety.

Make sure you ask about recent projects as well!

2. Request several quotes.

By getting as many quotes as possible, you will be able to make educated decisions. Costs for video production can differ widely from company to company.

Despite the fact that price is not a deciding factor, having this information is still critical.

Get Your Message Across with Video Production

In today's business world, video plays a crucial role in increasing sales, generating leads, and forming deeper relationships.

Many companies lack the resources to produce videos in-house.
These situations show how video production companies can come in very handy.

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