Ultimate Checklist for Optimizing Content for Search Engines


Valuable content and Search Engine Optimization go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other and still, expect to have a successful search result ranking. 

All content created for online purposes needs SEO to stand out in the mass of mediocre blog posts clogging up the internet. Not to mention that one of the top three ranking factors for organic searches is content, according to Google.

One of the biggest mistakes marketers are making is

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5 Things You Need to Know About Digital Marketing


1. Your Website Must be Mobile Friendly

About 71 percent of Internet usage happens on mobile devices. Internet users spend on average 86 minutes a day on mobile internet, contrasted to 36 minutes on desktop internet. Earlier this year, Google altered its algorithm to give higher rankings on search engine results pages to mobile-optimized websites. Make sure your business website is mobile-friendly. 

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5 ways to get more leads for your company with inbound marketing

By KYLE KONET on Jul 11, 2016

Inbound marketing allows you to build relationships and engage with clients

If you're looking to stay ahead of your competitors and attract more clients, then inbound marketing is precisely what your firm needs. Business is increasingly about meaningful engagement and earning the trust of your potential buyer. In the past marketing, platforms gauged their techniques towards intrusive mass advertising and email blasts when on the hunt for possible prospects. Now it's almost second nature to revert telemarketing, print ads, and other costly tactics that push unwanted messages through your mailboxes.  

Today, it’s not about forcing your product on people but making your brand convenient to find when your customer is ready. How do you achieve this?

Start by pulling in qualified prospects who are already in search for solutions. Once you have your qualified audience, provide educational and equipping content to help them make informed purchase decisions that ultimately brings them back for more.

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How to Turn Your website Into the Ultimate sales tool?

By KYLE KONET on Apr 20, 2016

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