5 Things You Need to Know About Digital Marketing

Sep 19, 2016

What you need to know about digital and online marketing1. Your Website Must be Mobile Friendly

About 71 percent of Internet usage happens on mobile devices. Internet users spend on average 86 minutes a day on mobile internet, contrasted to 36 minutes on desktop internet. Earlier this year, Google altered its algorithm to give higher rankings on search engine results pages to mobile-optimized websites. Make sure your business website is mobile-friendly. 

2. Localization Searches Are Key  

More searches are officially conducted on mobile devices than on desktop computers. And since many of those searches are conducted while users are out and about, Google’s search results now prefer websites that are optimized for local search. Local search engine optimization (LSEO). All businesses should be claiming your business location on local search directories. Then make sure that your companies name, address and phone number information is listed the same way on each page you create. Otherwise, search engines may not recognize it as the same business, hurting your search results.

3. Email Marketing Still Works

5 digital marketing strategies to implement for business growthEmail marketing remains the most efficient digital marketing tool for small businesses. But with the majority of emails now being opened on mobile devices, mobile-friendly emails are essential. When you develop your email marketing messages, create them with the idea of  “mobile-first.” This is because a mobile-friendly email will look average on a desktop, but the reverse doesn’t hold true. Plus, emails opened on mobile devices have higher click-through rates than those opened on desktops!

When creating emails, remember to:

  • Keep Emails Short
  • Include a Call to Action;
  • Design Using a Single-Column Format
  • Leave Plenty of White Space

4. The Importance of Online Video

Online video continues to be one of the fastest growing platforms for digital marketing over a couple of years. Videos can show viewers how to do something, or provide expert information to help viewers solve a problem. These videos are not only popular because they are extremely helpful, but because they attract valuable consumer attention. And remember, always put your videos on YouTube, as well as your website, for potential costumers to find.What you need to know about digital marketing

5. Boost Social Media Results

Social media is still an incredibly effective marketing method. Facebook has continually rated the most popular and most effective channel for online marketers. This is most likely because it remains the most popular social network, used by 72 percent of online U.S. adults. Facebook and other social media websites offer plenty of advertising opportunities that can be extremely successful if utilized correctly.  Plus, free analytic tools make it simple to track your results.

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