Take Advantage Of The Year's Best Digital Marketing Strategy: Video Marketing

Aug 05, 2016

Most people know that right now digital marketing is the best way to reach potential consumers, but this year is also proving that most consumers would much rather see and hear then research and read.

Video marketing is gaining momentum and many believe this is the year that the play button will be, by far, the most persuasive call to action on the web. 

Well over half of marketing professionals report that their audiences respond better, and more often convert into costumers, when presented with video content, over other forms of digital advertising.  


Using Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

Show and Don't Tell


Today's buyer will research a product online and analyze reviews before ever making a decision to purchase

This buying technique makes it difficult, but even more important to grab consumers attention and bring them to your professional website

Showing prospective costumers what they are looking for in an engaging way has proven to be successful time after time. 

Digital Marketers should be putting more effort into videos and content strategies that tell a thought provoking story. Videos can easily grab an audiences attention in the first seconds, be short but informative, as well as enjoyable and memorable. 

As they say, facts tell, but stories sell, and story telling in a medium that marketers can measure is just the icing on the cake. 


What is the Value of Video? 


As stated above, today's digital marketers are using video to successfully advertise online, but the real value in this strategy is that video marketing allows for analysis. It can tell who is interested in your product or service, and knowing your exact buyer persona is invaluable. 

Collecting the analytics on your video advertisement does not just mean the number of views it has received. Although that number can be important it was more essential to determine the types of people who are watching and the audience you should focus on targeting. 

Online Video Maketing Agency

The greatest part of video marketing is its versatility.

It can be easily integrated into many other types of digital marketing mediums, like, email, social media posts, and of course, your website.

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