15 Shocking Digital Marketing Facts You May Not Know

Jul 08, 2016

blog.jpgDigital Marketing has surpassed the reach of traditional marketing, due to the way consumers are searching for, learning about, and purchasing their goods. When most people turned to the internet for all of their shopping, knowledge, and even socializing, it resulted in a need for online advertisingespecially on social media websites. Below are 15 facts that prove why digital marketing and advertising is so successful and how it could be the key to helping your business grow!  

15 Social Media Marketing Statisticsinternet1.png

  1. Spending for advertising on social media sites has doubled in the last two years 
  2. Over half of internet users will not click a banner advertisement because they do not trust them
  3. Over 70% of people living in the United States have at least one social media profile 
  4. Social media users worldwide will most likely reach 2.5 billion by the year 2018
  5. Mothers who have children under age 5 are the most active parents with social media accounts 
  6. Over 90% of young adults have at least one social page and engage in social media use
  7. Every minute users of Vine will play over 1 million videos, and users of Snapchat will send and receive over 285 thousand snaps
  8. Social media advertising will reach $9.8 billion in revenue this year
  9. 100 million Twitter users will utilize their account at least once per day
  10. 83% of Pinterest users are women
  11. 67% more leads are generated from businesses and firms who blog rather than those who do not
  12. 57% of consumers are influenced, and more willing to buy, from viewing positive comments and reviews online.
  13. 80% of internet users would rather watch a video than read text  
  14. Blogs and website pages with images, videos, and overall visual appeal attract 94% more views 
  15. 63% of customers base their purchasing decisions off of blogs and online reviews, rather than newspapers

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