The Psychology of appealing to your ideal audience

Jul 08, 2016

Using Colors and Emotions to Boost Products and Services 

We naturally pay attention to fonts and colors in the design, yet equally important are the product messages companies use to market and advertise their services. Knowing how to appeal and naturally, attract your audience will leave you one step ahead of your competitors.

It only seems realistic to understand how the human mind is “programmed” and what instinctively drives our buying perceptions. Using these tips and intertwining them into your marketing practices gives you the ability to spark subconscious habits alluring your buyers to stick with your brand and engage with your products or services.

Creating powerful CTA's, enriched content, and compelling blogs are all part of attracting customers and helping them along the buyer's journey. Using emotional cues along with your marketing design and logos may give you the "secret ingredient" you need to move an interested prospect along to a delighted customer.

Emotional triggers for successful marketing

Here are ten common emotional triggers that you can tie into your digital marketing messages to make the sale.

  1. Fear-This emotional trigger is versatile and can be used throughout many marketing messages. Insurance companies like to use the saying "Don't get caught without insurance,"  making the consumer feel the pressure of driving without proper insurance.  
  2. Guilt-Consumers are most affected by messages that trigger emotions of guilt. Nonprofit organizations often built their audience with phrases such as, “Don’t let them suffer anymore.”
  3. Trust-This is the most popular and hottest trend in the marketing industry; most companies are implementing new concepts of trust and personalization when reaching out to potential customers. Lawyers and attorneys lead the way with, “We will fight to protect your rights.” “Our  attorneys represent our clients and their families aggressively.” Law Firms are great at showing empathy and genuine regard for their clients suffering and despair. Building this instant relationship bonds the consumer to your organization giving them security and hope through their struggles.  
  4. Value-This marketing promotion always stands out to consumers and brings along many attractive qualities when promoting products. The emotional trigger is almost instant when customers are promised a good deal, e.g., “If you find a better price for the same product, we will match it.” We see this a lot in big department stores such as Walmart and Lowes.  
  5. Belonging- Naturally, all of us have the desire to belong and connect with others, and being a part of a group appeals to our needs. Many companies effectively attract consumers desires to belong, using logos like “Your part of the family.”
  6. Competition-Many consumers are affected by competitive messages and the desire to feel equal to or better than their peers. Using phrases such as, "Make them drool", often seen with car companies flashing a luxury BMW fresh off of the manufacturer's line.   
  7. Instant Gratification-Many consumers are driven by the need for instant gratification whether it be personal, work, or entertainment purposes. Use emotional triggers such as, now, today, in one hour or less, within 24 hours, and so on to send meaningful messages of urgency to busy consumers. 
  8. Leadership- Consumers like to feel they are in control and will try a new product when they are good and ready. Use powerful messages like “Be the first on your block” to trigger the emotion of leadership. Giving them the upper hand in the buying decisions reassures them your products or services are available when they are ready. 
  9. Trend-setting- We all want to be part of the popular and new trends. In the past, phrases such as “All the cool kids are doing it” were commonly used to entice others to join in, and it frequently worked. Now we see well-known products teamed up with famous athletes or hip hop stars portraying the “cool” image. Consumers immediately want to jump in line and be seen with the hottest & newest products, e.g., The famous Gatorade featuring Michael Jordan, “Be like Mike”, or LeBron James wearing Nike, “I am LeBron James. You don’t want to be me. You want to be better than me.”best advertising marketing agency

  10. Time-This day and age people areusing marketing psychology to build your business 

    Busier than ever. Families desire more time to be together, and people want more free time to pursue personal interests. Appealing to your audience by saving consumers precious time is extremely useful, such as “Cut the time it takes to vacuum your house in half.” 

  Incorporating psychological triggers along with marketing strategies is often overlooked and thought of as a waste of time. This is simply not true. Understanding what influences our buying habits and what makes people “tick” is a productive tool in both the sales and marketing environments.

Another important concept in marketing practices is the influences of color. Studies show color influences consumer emotions and purchasing decisions. Hub spot found 84.7% of consumers cite color as the primary reason they buy a product.

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Written by KYLE KONET