Successful Types of Internet Advertising

Apr 13, 2016

Successful Internet Advertising  

A major advantage of internet advertising, other than its effectiveness, is the speed. If you are seeking immediate gratification, then the instantaneous publishing of information on the internet is the marketing method for you!

Online advertisements can continuously be updated and customized. The satisfaction of being able to consistently target your desired customer and see your results can only be accomplished by internet marketing and advertising

These are the three different types of internet marketing services that most digital advertising agencies offer. 

  1. Banner Advertising

  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  3. Pay Per Click (PPC) 


Banner Advertising:

Internet Advertising AgencyThis form of advertising on the internet is essentially traditional advertising brought to the internet. A banner, kind of like a billboard, is placed on a website with the intention of drawing people's attention with slogans and pictures. This will hopefully result in people clicking on it and being taken to your website.

This may increase your website traffic slightly, but this internet advertising strategy is not as effective in today's world because people have learned to ignore these types of advertisements.

It is also important to not pay too much for this kind of digital marketing because most of the time you are required to pay regardless if anyone clicks on the banner or not. 

One way banner advertising can be very effective is through behavioral targeting. This technique captures an internet users cookies and learns what they have recently searched for.

Then, banners of what they searched for will appear on unrelated websites to hopefully entice them to click on the banner and purchase the product off of the desired website.  


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):Internet Marketing and Advertising Tips for Businesses

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a type of digital marketing service that increases website traffic by naturally increasing the website’s visibility in the search engine results.

Managing SEO and building backlinks is one of the most important things to do when creating your online visibility. Check this article about backlinking and how to manage it.

Rather than buying your way to the top of a search engine, paid placement, SEO is contextual advertising.

Marketing agencies utilize keywords and great content to get websites increased traffic by getting it placed higher on search engine result pages (SERP). Paid placement is somewhat easier than SEO and guarantees your company visibility, but is not as cost effective as unpaid SEO.



Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC):

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Pay per click advertising, or PPC, is an excellent advertising strategy for companies that have the funds to support it. It is almost a guarantee that a PPC investment will bring more traffic to a website. 

Unfortunately, this kind of expense is usually too much for small companies to bear. That is why it is so important to hire an experienced internet marketing company to help you choose wisely what forms of online marketing work best for your business and budget. Those who attempt PPC marketing alone and who are inexperienced do not realize how much competition there is and usually end up wasting considerable amounts of money on "clicks" from people who are not even interested in their product or service.    

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Written by KYLE KONET