How Can Inbound Marketing Build my Business?

Apr 21, 2016

How Can Inbound Marketing Help My Business Growth?Are you ready to initiate an increase in your business...a successful Inbound Marketing Strategy can change the entire growth potential of your business.

Tired of seeing the same stagnating results, no growth, no promising results?  Change your marketing approach! Inbound Marketing is the best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business. 

Inbound Marketing  uses modern and fresh techniques to empower your customers, educate them, and keep them coming back. Consistently publishing great content, engaging with social media, and blogging, are all great ways to "Earn your way in," gain peoples interests, and attract your potential persons.

Stop using intrusive traditional methods! Cold calling, pointless brochures, or buying ads are all risky, costly, and your ROI is low. Instead aim to aid and educate with creative content designed to keep bringing your audience back for more.

Understanding the 4 Key Concepts of Inbound Methodology That Can Grow Your Business

Inbound Marketing for Building Your Business

1.Attract Your Target Audience- Bringing the right traffic to your site. You don't want to attract just anyone, you want the right people who are most likely to become leads, and ultimately "happy customers." Your ideal customers are known as buyer persona.

Buyer Personas are the most crucial piece to your Inbound Marketing Strategy, personas are an ideal representation of what your actual customer is really like, this is based on demographis, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals.

By understanding your personas and what makes them tick, you are able to create great content, attract the "right" people, distribute accordingly, and ultimately produce great results. Remember its about "them" not "us,"  empowering, innovating, and educating your persona, at the right time will dramatically affect your ROI!

2. Converting Your Audience Into Leads -Once you have attracted these customers, the next step is to convert these visitors into leads, by gathering contact information. Contact information is the most valuable currency to marketers and business owners alike. In order to gather this information willingly, its important to offer something in return such as an e-Book, whitepaper or tip sheet; these are called ethical bribes.

3. Closing Leads Into Paying Customers -You're on the right path! You've attracted your target audience and converted them into leads. Now its time to close those leads into customers.

How can you accomplish this? There are certain marketing tools you can put into place to make sure you are closing those leads at the right times.

4. Delighting and Promoting- The inbound way is making sure you are delivering remarkable content to your users, whether they are visitors, leads, or existing customers.

Inbound Marketing Companies continue to engage, delight, and up sell their current customer base by continually developing relevant content; this helps turn them into happy promoters of the organization who can exapnd your marketing reach through word of mouth, positive reviews or social shares.

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Written by KYLE KONET