why use content marketing for my business?

Feb 23, 2016

Content Marketing For Your Business

Content marketing is not just the future, but also the present. Traditional marketing has lost its effectiveness because consumers have become accustomed to shutting themselves off from the world of common marketing techniques.

With rapidly changing technology traditional advertising is becoming less efficient and more irrelevant. Consumers now use a DVR to avoid watching television commercials, have learned to avoid reading magazine advertisements, and have mastered the art of online web surfing, so that they can gather the information they are looking for without even a glance at banners or advertisements.

Smart marketers understand that traditional marketing is no longer as useful and that there has to be a better way. Enter content marketing.

How To Use Content Marketing


Content marketing is the strategy of generating and distributing valuable, applicable and free content to attract the desired customers and convert them into repeat buyers.

The type of content that is being shared should be directly related to what is being sold. The customers should like and trust the company enough to want to, and continue to, do business with the company.

The information being marketed to the consumer should be consistently presented in a variety of formats, including, but not limited to,Content Marketing Agency For Business Growth

  • videos
  • papers
  • e-books
  • emails
  • newsletters
  • pod casts
  • articles
  • blogs
  • photos

Content marketing is the art of communicating effectively with your desired customers and prospective costumers because they are in need of what is being offered.

This is non-selling and non-interruption marketing. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering valuable information that your buyer is already seeking and makes your buyer more informed. Businesses that deliver ongoing valuable information to buyers, rather than pestering them with undesired information, will ultimately be rewarded with consumers business and loyalty.

Good content marketing makes a person stop to read, think, and behave differently and hopefully repeat the desired action.

Donovan Digital Solutions knows that a good marketing strategy is only successful when the marketing agency intimately knows a company's business plan. Donovan Digital Solutions uniquely serves its customers and helps to meet their goals for the future.

When an agency knows this, they can adapt its content marketing strategy to drive the right customers at the right time. This way a company can continually delight its customers so they remain with them for years to come. 

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