Digital Marketing is Forgetting Demographics and Turning to Personality Profiling

Sep 12, 2016

Understanding Why Demographic Data is No Longer Useful

In the 90’s and even early 2000’s marketing and advertising companies focused on targeting their audiences based upon their demographics, things like,Digital Marketing | Personality Profiling

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Economic Status

Nowadays, demographics are becoming increasingly inaccurate when trying to appeal to your target audience. Now, marketing agencies know better and understand the necessity of profiling people and personalities to determine who is a potential customer.

For example, two males, same age, education, and gender could have completely different hobbies, personalities, and lifestyles. One could be married with four kids, holding a nine to five job, golfing on the weekend with his business partners, while the other could be unemployed, single, living in his parent’s basement playing video games all day.

Therefore, you begin to see the importance of profiling people rather than just analyzing demographics, which is no longer an adequate method for customer acquisition and retention.


The Importance of Interests and Hobbies

Professional Marketing Agency Near MeIt can seem daunting to derive insights into consumer behavior beyond the scope of core demographics, but that’s where social data analytics comes into play.

Hiring a marketing agency with the right technology is extremely beneficial. They can help you and your business by analyzing the motivation behind your target consumer's behavior, and then use that information to predict what they currently want or what they will need in the future. This is ideal in comparison to having to depend on information like, what they bought last, or what similar people in the same age group or location are buying, which could be completely irrelevant. 

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