Snapchat as a marketing tool: Can it work ?

Jul 22, 2016

Snapchat is a creative way for marketers to reach their target audience and have fun doing it. In the beginning, critics had their doubts and claimed efforts exerted towards this new platform would lead to drained attempts and lost time.


, this negative stigma surrounding snapchat soon faded, and optimism sprouted with over 100 million daily active users and 7 billion video views, daily. The cheeky ghost now haunts mobile phones throughout the country, and snaps began to appear on mobile screens like wildfire.  

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a mobile photo messaging application that allows you to take photos or videos, known as “snaps.” Your snaps can then be viewed for a maximum of 10 seconds by sending them to the users you are connected with- meaning your contacts can view your snap for 10 seconds or less, at which your snap is deleted forever.

It's creators (Evan Speilgel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy) focused on the app's usability rather than branding. It was no time before this user-friendly application took the lead within the social media world stealing success from Facebook and Twitter.  

Curated found, with 9000 snaps shares every second, and being currently valued at $16 billion, the Financial Times as charted that it’s set to make snapchat profits of $300-350 million this year.

How to effectively you snapchat for marketing

The evolution of Snapchat

Since the early beginnings, snap chat has evolved into a multifunctional social media platform. Starting with a brief snap lasting 10 seconds or less and having the power to share your snap with anyone in the world.

Soon the capabilities of snaps grew into growing into funny filters, outrageous stickers, and the ability to follow-up with a direct message.

Want to create a 24-hour story? Users can retell their day through a series of clips and images in real time.

The application also allows users to go back and recharge snaps they have taken before, or choose to revisit great moments of their snapchat lives, and even upload photos that you didn’t take to help create a new video or photo.  

Popular Brands using Snapchat

With Snapchat being the third most popular social app among 18 to 34-year olds (behind Facebook and Instagram, but ahead of Twitter, Pinterest, and Vine.) It didn’t take long for top brands to start investing their time and creativity into this popular social-media platform.

  • McDonald’s, using famous athletes, LeBron James, Richard Sherman, and Johnny Manziel in their snaps, as a way to give fans a unique look at their favorite athletes who also happen to be at the McD’s spot.
  • Mondelez/ Sour Patch Kids, the brand posted a Snapchat “Story” to the Sour Patch account starring Vine star Logan Paul. Incorporating the famous candy being known for, “first it’s sour/then it’s sweet,” with a social celebrity and comedy. With this new partnership, Logan is also able to reach out to some fans directly, with personal video messaging using Snapchat’s recently added video feature.   

Farrah Bezner, marketing director of Mondelez candy division, says it’s a very personal way to connect with people and enables the brand to send them content one-on-one. "  

  • General Electric, the brand introduced astronaut Buss Aldrin on July 15 th celebrating the 45th anniversary of GE’s contribution to the 1969 moon landing, posting regular content on GE’s roster of machines, as well as brain teasers, fun facts, and puzzles.

Why Snapchat Works for Business 

Not only are brands promoting their products and posting engaging content, but snaps are also providing an inside look at exclusive or international events hosted by these popular companies.

Today, in this fast-paced society, consumers would much rather get their information from pictures, videos, and social media platforms. This trendy application gives businesses the opportunity to produce cheap content that is far reaching, assemble content for their good, and open new doors incorporating creativity with a personal touch.

So it seems big industries like McDonald’s and General Electric have got snapchat down to a tee; successfully reaching consumers while promoting their brand. However, snapchat doesn’t solely work on the “big timers,” merging snaps into your business can quickly grow your contact sand help reach new limits for success.

Utilizing the Time Limit- Because videos and photos only exist for a few moments, you can create snaps giving people previews of an upcoming product or service that your company may be offering.

Set up Contests- Ask users to send you pictures of them using your product and offer a reward to those who do. Make engaging with your brand easy and fun; this will keep customers interested and coming back or more, giving you more opportunity to keep your consumers delighted.

Videos spread addiction- Along with the popularity of snaps comes the spark and attention of producing a good video. Marketing teams can use video to distribute more valuable content to their followers. Although they also disappear once viewed, it’s still a great way to give their customers a sneak peek of the office, product production, and everything in between.

Get Personal with Your Posts- Consumers reach out to products and services they trust and respect. “Humanize,” your brand through your snaps by giving a personal touch. Use snapchat to show off more than just content, but what happens behind the scenes. Provide more flavor to your pics, ask different people throughout your business to participate your snapchat efforts.  

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Written by KYLE KONET