The 5 Most Frequently Asked Digital Marketing Questions

Jul 22, 2016

Digital Marketing is essential in today's world but understanding how to utilize it effectively can be a real challenge.

With both competitors and potential customers employing online services, digital marketing can give you a headstart if done properly.

The average person spends nearly six hours a day using various forms of digital media, so the most efficient way to reach today's consumer is via digital marketing. 

Today's consumer is more likely to search for any needed product or service using the internet on their computers, tablets, or mobile devices rather than searching through newspaper classifieds or flipping through yellow pages in a phone book. 

Internet searches leading to pertinent information on a credible website is the most common way that consumers are discovering products and services.

Answers to the 5 Most frequently asked Digital Marketing questions

1. What is Digital Marketing as Opposed to Regular Marketing?

Digital marketing is any website based, electronic media, or online promotion of a product or service. For instance,  Search Engine Optimization, Email, Website Design, and Social Media are all examples of digital marketing and advertising

Traditional marketing is what we had before the internet was around. Some examples of this type of marketing and advertising include print, mail, radio, TV commercials, and billboards.
What do I need to know about Digital Marketing for my business?


2. What Kind of Social Sharing Should I be Doing?

How much and what kind of social sharing you should be doing depends on what kind of product or service your business is offering.

Try to focus on what your customers are interested in and what common questions they have. Also, it can be helpful to look at your competitor's social media pages to see what is and what isn't working for them.

If you create valuable content, answer questions, and build relationships, the rest should follow.

For more tips, refer to this blog on how to generate more leads with social media


3. What is SEO and Do I Need It?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, can be crucial to your businesses success, because it is what allows consumers to find your website organically.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that when consumers search for your product or service, your website will appear high in the search results.

Ranking highly for specific keywords or a keyword phrase will likely increase the visibility of your website to potential customers, and lead to a greater number of website visitors in general. 


4. How Often Should a Website be Updated?

Updating your website as often as possible, and especially when needed, is probably a good rule of thumb.

Your website is often the first impression people get of your business.

When consumers search for a product or service, you want them to find your website, and have it be helpful, user-friendly, and full of valuable content. Having a credible and informative website will help you to gain trust among other industry members as well as consumers. 

Statistics show that for 99% of companies, their website is their top salesperson. After all, it is where prospects go for more information on your company, to learn more about your products and services, to contact your business, and possibly to make a purchase.

And just like you invest a lot in your top salesperson, you should also invest in keeping your website (and it’s content) in tip-top-highly-converting-shape.


5. Should I Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

We understand that when you're a business owner, it is hard to find time to keep constantly up to date on the online world, and it can be even more challenging to know exactly where your customers are online.

It can be intimidating and overwhelming, but a professional agency can help implement proven digital marketing strategies to help your business grow

Ultimately, the decision to hire a marketing company can only be made by you. There are pros and cons to working with an outside agency.

For example, a businesses budget needs to be large enough to pay a marketing company, but a marketing company can help with things business owners struggle with, like Google Ad Words, which often requires training and some level of expertise or experience.

One of the most important services a digital marketing agency provides is saving a company time. 

Frequently Asked Digital Marketing QuestionsCould a DIGITAL MARKETING agency benefit your business?


Donovan Digital Solutions is a premier digital marketing agency that utilizes a variety of proven digital marketing strategies to get your business noticed. 

Some of our online marketing techniques include professional website design, blogging, social media posts, SEO, landing pages, custom calls-to-action and more.  

The professional marketers and advertisers at Donovan Digital Solutions are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to obtain results for our clients. At Donovan Digital Solutions, we understand the ever-changing digital marketplace, which allows us to market your business online effectively.

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