How to Avoid Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Nov 16, 2016

Email marketing continues to be valuable, but businesses cannot continue to produce and send out lackluster email campaigns, and then expect their customer retention to rise and the money to just roll in. Generating a truly successful email campaign requires the delivery of relevant and valuable content promptly so that it successfully resonates with the customer and triggers the buying process.

3 Steps to Ensure your email Marketing Campaign is done right


Email Marketing Mistakes to AvoidMany email campaigns miss the mark by bombarding inboxes around the world with emails that do not even apply to an individual's wants and needs. Whether the email is promoting an event or product at a location that is in a geographical area far from a customer’s reach, or the product or service is not applicable to that particular individual. Email personalization is important. Nowadays people receive so many emails that receiving ones that do not apply to them will most likely result in the dreaded unsubscribe button. So, below are three solutions businesses can utilize to create email marketing campaigns that will appeal to customers accurately. 

  1. Be Timely, Not Creepy

Geolocation technology has given marketers the ability to see where customers are looking, what they are looking at, and when they are most receptive to a product or service. 

For example, if your business knows that an individual recently looked at flights or hotels to a specific destination, you can utilize that information to send that person deals on travel packages to that particular place. 

It is crucial that your email marketing campaigns be as relevant as possible, and cater to an individual's needs. Use data to create an email marketing campaign that decreases the risk of sounding creepy, but also produces the highest chance of success. 

  1. Respond Appropriately  

Email marketing campaigns can be most effective when they have automatic triggers set up. This way, when a customer takes a particular action, that action is followed by an appropriate email for the situation.

For example, when a customer makes a purchase a follow-up email should be sent immediately to ask to take a survey about the service, product, or their experience. If an individual just visits the website, a follow-up email should be sent regarding the specific products or services they looked at while the brand is still fresh in their mind. 

  1. Utilize Valuable Content to Retain Subscribers 

Personalizing your email marketing campaigns to present your customers with valuable and relevant content is by far the most important aspect to retaining your subscribers.Succeeding with your email marketing campaigns If the email offers you are sending don’t coincide with the individual's needs, they will meet their needs elsewhere. 

Utilize tools to look at subscribers purchase histories. Understanding customer behavior, and then catering content and offers to match that behavior, adds immense value to the emails you send.

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